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    My guy and I had a really bad argument over text last Thursday so 5 days ago. Immediately after he blocked me on ig and Facebook, (which was for him, because I never followed him, he followed me and we were never fb friends and it’s been like this for 2 years).

    I feel like he blocked me not only because he was pissed off but because he knows I check things like that and usually retaliate but when I found out,I didn’t retaliate because I was too pissed off to care and I never followed him to begin with.

    So 3 days later he unblocked me on ig, but not on Facebook early in the morning. Then later that day he removed himself from our Apple family sharing account which was just for sharing music and nothing else. A big alert popped up on my phone that’s how I know. I still didn’t message or retaliate.

    It’s been 5 day’s today. I let him have the last word over text During the argument and didn’t respond back. What’s going on in his mind? Should I reach out when I’m ready to because I’m still kinda irritated,
    Or should I just wait for him to reach out or should I just move on?
    Did he remove himself from family sharing and unblock me to make his presence known? I’m so confused, he’s never blocked me or unblocked me before.


    Never chase a man. I find it childish that he blocked then unblocked you. If you’ve been together for a long time then wait it out he’ll come to you if you haven’t been together long honey go on and live your life and focus on you. No man should have you feeling confused. It just ain’t right.


    I think he just needs time to cool off.

    We don’t know much about what initiated the argument and/or how he felt about it.

    It’s quite childish to block someone you’re in a relationship instead of talking about it like adults, but some people react that way.

    Leave him cool off, and see if he reaches out to you.

    If he doesn’t, then you can afford to send him one message and then leave it at that.


    I can’t believe it, it’s like you’re talking about me right now. Mine has currently blocked me also and need some answers as well. I usually like to give him a day or two to calm down but it’s not working it’s been 20 hours since my last attempt to reach him and I got blocked again. Smh. I feel your pain girl I promise. This really hurts.


    Well thanks for the advice guys. It’s officially been 2 weeks and 4 days and we still haven’t spoken. Yea he unblocked me 3 days in but I have no desire to reach out to him. It may just be over… I’m tired of trying.

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