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    Paula W.

    Hey I watch your video’s a lot. They are helpful, but this situation is odd.

    This guy treats me the opposite of every other woman. He is lovely to them. He flirts, has casual conversation and acknowledges them. I am treated like a I do not exsist. He will not talk to me on most occasions. He ignores my exsistance.

    The kicker is I constantly catch him looking at me. He is either checking me out or staring. However, no interaction. When I tried to engage him he gives one word answers or seems disinterested.

    Sometimes he will be friendly, but it is rare and followed by ignoring me the next day. However, I still catch him looking at me. This is a pattern of behavior. He is nice once and ignores me for a few days.

    One day I came over to talk to someone he was talking with and he gave me the most serious intense stare of death. I just pretended it didn’t phase me and I walked away/proceeded to talk to someone else. Where I catch him talking about me to another guy-which he does often. I never know what he says to the other guy, but I catch them talking and have a strong feeling it is about me. This is based on where he is looking when he is talking, his facial expressions and my intuition. I ignore this as well. Then the next day I see him. We have no face to face interaction, but I catch him looking at me maybe 3-4 times that day. You seemed disgusted by me the previous day and now your looking at me, watching me walk/staring at my body or looking who I interact with.

    What is his deal?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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