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    I just started college this fall and about two months in, i noticed this really attractive guy in my dorm. Every single time we are in the same room, we make eye contact. Its usually just quick glances, but we do it quite a bit during the time. From what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from the girls around the dorm, he is an outstanding guy. Hands down a super nice guy…ironically most of the girls don’t bother with him due to him not showing much interest in them, and more in sports and friends (totally my type). One time I decided to approached him with a survey for one of my classes and walked up behind him and said can u help me blah blah blah…when he turned around he seemed really surprised and almost nervous? We smiled at each other the whole time and when he handed me the paper back, i noticed he even wrote a stupid silly comment pertaining to the question (made me giggle). Another time, we were both walking towards the elevator from opposite directions and he ended up getting to them first and when he did, he didn’t even press the up button AND the elevator had just opened to let a lady off right in front of him and he didn’t even look up. I kinda laughed and when i got there pressed the button and he seemed kinda embarrassed. He was like “oh I- um Haha” and i was like “No worries you’re good…what floor?” He walked on and we gave me a big smile and we just kinda looked at each others eyes and he said his floor. I then backed up against the wall and he did the same directly across from me. (Im freaking out on the inside fyi). He fiddled with his phone but when we reached his floor, as he got off, he turned to me and gave me a huge smile and looked me right in the eyes and was like “Thanks:))” and i was like “yeah of course” blushing. His gal friends have gotten on the elevator with me and just immediately start up a convo as if they know me. I’ve NEVER met these girls but i know he is pretty good friends with them. They asked “When are you thinking about going home for christmas break? where are u from?” (there are like 7 other people on the elevator). He always sits in the cafeteria at tables that face me. I messaged him via insta asking him to add me on snapchat (okay my friend did…i have no balls) but he immediately added me in less than 2 minutes…which says a lot considering he isn’t on social media a lot…and when he does, he only bothers with sports posts). Anyways, what has me really confused was that was around 10pm and my friend messaged him on snap saying “hey:)” and he didn’t open it till 2 pm the next day and he didn’t even respond? I’ve seen him taking girls to formal (i know they are all just friends) but ill walk by the group and he will still look at me. The last time i saw him, i was coming around the corner and ran right into him. I was so embarrassed and he turned immediately to me and was like “omg I’m so sorry” and smiled but i tried to get out of the situation asap. When i looked back, i had a giant grin pasted on my face, i noticed he was adjusting…well..you know and he looked up and saw i was blushing and smiling and kinda grinned back. Idk what to do. I know he is a catch. I also know I stand out in my dorm because most girls are your average sorority girl and i kinda do/dress how i want and I’m getting compliments for new individual/unique style. I recently have gained more confidence (i had REALLY low self esteem). Is he just a nice guy or do you think there is chemistry? I have extremely high standards and don’t bother with any guy less than that. What is going on and how do i interpret all of this???

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