What does he want from me?

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    Hrefna Lundberg

    We work in two separate companies, in two different countries but because our companies have some deals so we met three times or so. Every time we had a good chat and he seemed particularly interested in talking to me. Not long ago, he came to our company again and we added each other on social media. I sent him a short text and he replied saying he’s looking forward to see me again soon. I wrote back saying that next time he comes over I can give him recommendations on where to eat. No reply.

    Then recently me and a friend are planning a trip to his country, so I wrote him and said that I will be traveling there with a friend, if he would be up for coffee. Straight away he answered my message and gave me his number and told me to text him when I arrive that we should definitely meet. I sent him another message a few days later, just random chit chat stuff. No reply.

    I didn’t give him my number or anything but I am confused at his hot and cold behavior. I need some opinions…. I think we have enough in common to start off as friends but I don’t know if he wants more or what he wants from me?

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