We study together. Could he possibly like me?

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    I have a classmate who goes out of his way to talk to me.
    We have a group chat (because we are lab partners)-me, him, and another girl. We’ll be discussing things on the chat about class, and he’ll start messaging me separately about things that he could have easily asked me on the group chat.
    He’ll start a separate text convo with me about class, exams, etc.
    During one of these text convos that he started I asked him if he would like to study together the next day for an exam we were both going to take.
    He said yes.
    We studied together and had a really nice time. I found it very easy to be myself around him. He was helpful, kind, smiling, and very friendly. Our conversation was very enjoyable and flowed well.
    I told him I feel very comfortable around him which is an unusual occurrence because I usually don’t speak much to guys. He responded to this positively and said we should definitely study together before all the exams.

    A week later during lab, he started asking me many questions while we were working. He asked me if I study during my breaks, how many classes I’m taking, if I have read any life changing novels, where I live, etc.

    As all this is happening I am realizing that I feel a very strong physical attraction for him. I am becoming quite infatuated.
    He texts me only about school related things and many times when I reply to his questions, he doesn’t respond or try to continue the text convo any further.

    The next exam comes around and though I want to study with him I don’t initiate the idea. I don’t want to seem desperate by constantly initiating.
    An hour before the exam he texts me and asks me where I am. He tells me to meet him to study. We meet and study together and like the previous study session, the conversation drifts to other topics and our time together is very enjoyable.

    I am very attracted to him physically and enjoy being around him quite a lot. I am not sure if he is feeling the same attraction.
    I have watched/read many articles and videos about body language and how to know if a guy is attracted to you. He displays all the physical body language signs and I think this increases my attraction for him because I feel that it is mutual.

    Based on all of the above can I assume that he is feeling attraction is well? Do any of his actions indicate possible romantic interest?
    Or should I assume he is only being friendly?


    This was all happening before the quarantine^
    Now that we don’t see each other at school we have not been communicating at all.

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