We had great sex and he has not called or texted since

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    I finally had sex with a guy who has been pursuing me for months. I’m much older than him (don’t look my age at all) and this was part of the attraction on both sides. I turned him down countless times for various reasons, but finally the time was right to get together, which we did on Friday evening. There were definitely nerves and butterflies and I made the first move. The sex was amazing for both of us (unless he was lying or faking it, which I doubt because we literally had sex for hours) and the attraction and chemistry was definitely there. He commented many times on how great it was, and how he experienced things with me he’s never experienced before with another woman. It’s been 3 days and besides a text from him late that night letting me know he arrived home safely and had a lot of fun, I haven’t heard from him since.
    A few details: I’m not interested in dating him or having any sort of relationship: I’m only interested in sex and he knows this. He has made it clear to me over the last 8 months that he thinks I’m gorgeous, hot, sexy, fun and beautiful, so why has he now changed his mind? 99% of all past communication has been by me initiating it. He always responds and is always interested/receptive.
    Having said all of this, why has he not contacted me? I’m so confused because I wanted to continue a sexual “relationship” with him. The first time was just that: a warmup to much more to come! So, why isn’t he following up? In my mind it can only be one of the following:
    A:I imagined the sex was mind blowing and it really wasn’t and I turned him off somehow.
    B: He only wanted a 1 and done
    C: I somehow didn’t measure up to his expectations.
    Like I said, I would be surprised if I let him down because I know my skills and my attraction level to him are high. But I just can’t think of another reason why he hasn’t reached out for more.
    So frustrated and disappointed.

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