We broke up and he says he still loves me but can't get back now

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    This guy and i dated over 7 months and we had a lot of issues and had a break in the 8th month cuz he said i didn’t treat him like was good enough for me and he needed to readjust himself for me cuz i always complained about everything out of jealousy.
    We broke up in the 9th month cuz i got worse with my jealousy problems and even invaded his privacy(phone) and overreacted again. all this while in the break and after the break up, he’s be reassuring me of how he still loves me.
    Now I’ve decided to change and he sees I’m changing but doesn’t want to be a distraction or get back and we start to repeat the cycle.
    we still communicate and when we see, its like old times although we have little quarrels but he explains and reassures me those girls don’t mean anything to him.

    My question is, do you think we’ll get back soon cuz I’m scared of losing him to another girl especially this friend of his that likes him and he knows about her feelings towards him, but he said she doesnt mean anything to him all thst matters is the both of us and he loves me.?


    In my opinion I don’t think I could give an answer whether you guys might get back together or not. It all depends on if you and him can communicate well and make it work.

    You both need to trust each other. You shouldn’t feel scared of losing him to somebody else or second guessing him, that means you aren’t certain about his honesty.
    You need to trust him in order for the relationship to work, otherwise it won’t work out.
    Being alittle protective over your partner is fine but to the point of being jealous and constant repetitive arguments grows toxic and neither will be happy in the relationship.

    Besides this situation to help you, you could search online on how to become More confident and have self love. It really makes a difference and it may help you Become more secure.
    Good luck 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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