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    I met a guy and this story is VERY strange. We met at University and he was kind and behaved normal and sometimes he woud ask if we could study together. Again, why i do not know today because four months later he asked if we could meet up to grab a coffee. And i answered thinking “Uhm okay” yes and i thought that it was Worth seeing where this would go. So what happened was that we met and grabbed a coffee and sat down and talked and he showed interest in my interests. But this time he even asked me if i could join him to his favourite store and he also accompanied me to the bustop. And he would start flirting with me ( i have a very attractive appearance) and joke with me, he also suggested that we could walk in a Tourist forest here in Gothenburg. After that he wrote that we should Watch irobot together since we were discussing the topic robots. So he came over with my permission and he flirted even more with me and had told me that his last relationship was seven years ago. However, he would lean towards me and laugh at my jokes by poking me and he followed me to the bustop ( i was going to spanish) and gave me a long hug and said that we will keep in touch. But the day after he was less flirty in his texts and he would texts me but very boring texts like “oh, i am eating now” or “how was your spanish lesson”. I would tell him that i do not have that much time to text and if we could swap to whatsapp. And as we texted i asked him what he wanted from this and he said that he wanted to get to know me better. Also, as time Went i got more confused but he said that he still would love to see me again. So we met a few Days later and the weird thing is that the day Before he took a whole day to answer my message when i asked where we were going to meet. And here is what made me leave him, when we met he was only friendly in a nice manner so he even said “i bought a Valentines gift to a girl friend.” A few minutes after i was gone with the wind without even saying goodbye. After that i called him and yelled at him and he said that he does not understand a Word out of this or why i am so angry at him. I wrote a message the day after and asked “was this a misunderstanding?” but he did not want to answer those messages. He only answered when i wrote “i am sorry for what i said” and he said “i forgive you but i can not deal with screaming people. I am a lovable and friendly person”. We are not in touch anymore but he seriously does not want to talk to me and i do not understand what the heck his problem is? I am very thankful for your answer. I do not like him so much either and he knows that i will not give up.

    Kind regards,

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