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    Long story short.

    Girl who was together with my friend that had been in a long relationship and being abused.

    Got fed up started to contact / chase me for almost 4 months.

    I caved in(My mistake)
    They broke up and we hang out for almost 2 months when she suddenly went MIA one day and told me she had to focus on herself.

    5 months later today of no contact and she’s back with her abusive boyfriend.

    Question is, I can’t let go of this girl who I know for a fact it’s over and that I didn’t mean shit to her.
    I was the best of myself to her but she left me like old rags.

    Why is this, I am so stupid for ignoring all the red flags yet I can’t stop blaming myself…

    Did I really mean that little?
    Was I just a cusion for her?
    I didn’t get a real closure for her but her actions speaks louder than words.

    / brokenhearted

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