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    [Long story but very desperate to advice, I apologize in advance]

    In February I was blessed to meet a girl online who quickly became one of my closest friends. Within a week or two we both knew we liked each other more than just friends. For the first time I felt like I could be 100% myself around a girl. We’d spent all day talking to each other, often falling asleep together on the phone. This girl is way out of my league. Unfortunately, our colleges were 1000 miles apart, and during the summer we’d be separated by 3000 miles. One day she told me she wanted us to be exclusive to each other(but not BF and GF), I agreed. We knew it would be hard. I was looking to transfer to a new college due to being unhappy at my current one. Our plan was for me to go to her college so we could be together. Last week she went to a party . An old ‘friend’ she used to have feels for was there. They ended up making out. She told me almost immediately.

    I was beyond upset, but worst of all my trust in this girl was completely gone. She said she was sorry, and keeps telling me how sorry she is. She told me she wants to regain my trust. I’ve gotten mixed advice from the few people I’ve told. “Block her”, “end it”, “second chance”, etc. It only took a few days before we got back into our old rhythm of talking again. I have had my moments, I’ve yelled at her, I’ve been an asshole at times, but she takes it. I will admit I don’t quite look at her the same way, but its obvious I still have feelings for her. She tells me I have every reason to be upset with her and she’s willing to take it. We are restarting back at “friends”. But when we talk our conversations are usually quite deep and almost always come back to us going back to being a couple.

    She tells me her big fear is our relationship not working out and her feeling horrible for making me transfer schools for her. She didn’t develop this fear until we both saw it happen to a friend of mine. He transferred for a girl and within 2 months they had broken up. However, she does seem determined to make things right between us. But how do I really know? She claims she’s only interested in me and wont go looking for other guys, and told me she was okay with me talking to other girls. I fully believe in second chances and that everyone makes mistakes. I’m willing to work on this so, even if things don’t work out, I can say I gave it my all and have no regrets. I just wanted to hear what you guys think. Any advice for me? What would you guys do? Is a second chance a smart move? Feel free to put in your 2 cents!

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