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    I was messaging (snapchat our only method of communication since his phone is international) with a guy (who travels a lot for work) and eventually went on a date that went fantastic. We talked all evening and melted into each others arms as we were out. Went back to his room and cuddled into the early morning. Next couple of days we text with him texting first and nonstop. We arrange for a second date about 2 days later with him texting about his excitement and how much he loves my personality and etc. He’s introverted as I and did mention he works a lot and is a loner. It did set a red flag for me but I like to snapchat a lot cause I’m introverted as well and not much into a lot of people interaction so I let it go. Then he ghosts on the day of our date and never got on snapchat to see my messages. About a week later, I noticed on my list that he was gone completely and he had deleted me. Initially heart-broken and annoyed that I had taken off a morning work shift, I sent a line (which I know is stupid af) and removed him. He was incredibly sincere and charmingly adorable and open so it was a really confusing move. I have a feeling he did this to avoid getting attached since he travels internationally and couldn’t sustain a relationship or maybe was in one back at home. Or even because we may never see each other again. I just feel like that was bit of an over reaction cause I was still interested in just keeping him on snapchat (and whatsapp since reactivated mine to add him) and talking about the places he would be at. Did he really think he was gonna fall for me over messaging long-distance cause even I know that doubtful. I just want the closure of a reason for this since it was completely opposite of him and we had as he called a “loving date” and couldn’t let me go. Also I’m semi-paranoid that I went out with a sociopath or something.

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