Things have been amazing yet he blocks me part of the day?

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    So I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month and a half now. He pursued me. Everything between me and him has been amazing! We seem to be super compatible. He seems like a genuine nice guy. We’ve spoken almost everyday since he asked for my number. He is currently separtaed. He’s a paramedic (I’m a nurse)(I was skeptical ofd dating a fireman, EMT, paramedic etc because of their reputations ) and works 2 jobs. He says he’s put his phone on do not disturb during the day so he can have uninterrupted sleep. I don’t constantly text him and he typically initiates calls to me. I’m trying to pull back some. When we do spend time together (time is super limited because of our schedules) it feels like home.

    Idk what the heck is happening. I’m thinking he might be confused since he’s not divorced yet. I don’t understand why I’d be blocked and then unblocked later. It totally hurts my feelings. He knows I like him and I thought the feelings were mutual but now I’m not so sure. How do I approach this? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong!

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