the guy who likes me no longer texts me

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    Ok so at first, when he confessed I didnt say no, but I didn’t say yes either because we barely talked and I wanted to get to know him first. So we did talk. Never in person though, only by text. There was this one time I said hi to him in person but he got shy and didn’t reply. We did talk by text after that though. However, two months ago, I sent him a message and he aired it (gave no reply) and I figured he was just busy and would message again. I didn’t message him again because I thought I’d look a little too (forgot the word) but it’s been 2 months and I haven’t got a message from him. We’re both extremely shy people so idk what to do, I was just starting to return the feelings too. It always seems like when I do that, they move away 🙁

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