The guy I met online blocked me after an argument. Should I do anything?

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    I met a guy from a dating site. We started talking over the phone and through video call everyday for more than a week. I could feel his sincerity everytime we were talking. But sometimes, I can’t help being doubtful about him since I never dated somebody online before. So I started rejecting his calls and ignoring his messages. He asked me thru chat what’s the problem and so I told him how I was feeling and what I was thinking. He explained his side well but I admit that I behaved in an immature way. As he was trying to explain his side, he kept on trying to call me so we could talk better but I kept on rejecting his call while keeping arguing with him thru chat. Then I think he got annoyed, he left his last message saying “let’s just end this conversation. Prolly your ex left you because of your attitude, I guess your next relationship would be the same(he meant, the next guy would leave me as well due to my attitude)” then he blocked me. My ego was really hurt reading his last message and for him blocking me. But I admit I behaved improperly and I understand I also hurt him with my action. It’s almost a week now and that scenario keeps on bothering me and to be honest, I keep on thinking about him. I want to meet him and apologize in person not thru a text message. Any advice?

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