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    Hey, so I had a first date with a girl, we didn’t do alot just had a drink and talked really. We were both engaged in conversation, I had to carry it a bit because she is very shy. But she was laughing and keeping it going when conversation slowed. Nothing intimate happened but we agreed to do it again.

    Problem is, we used to text a lot before, now we don’t text quite as much, she’s not ignoring me and is still initiating, plus we’re meeting again soon. It’s just I don’t understand why she talks less. In response I also talk less now, so it’s partly my fault, but we’ve both kinda ran out of things to say over text and I want to save it for real life.

    How can I keep her excited until the meetup? On the one hand I’d rather text her less until meeting, but because we texted so much before I don’t want it to seem like I suddenly don’t like her. Help?

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