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    hello, its just my mind is somehow messed up About a guy

    so I Saw Him on the bus 1 weeks ago,he said hey, and i said hey, but couldnt hear what he said next, Because I was shy and couldnt look at him

    so I wrote him when I came Home and he was like, oh okay, dont Think About it i Wish you good evning anyway👍

    then 3 days after the ignores me in Class,I thought okay , and i send him facook friends request, and he quick accept. i wrote him and after 1 and half day he writes like: oh sorry,i oversaw your message , whats up?🙂

    but then I asked Him if he wanted hear a Song and give feedback,Because of my intership, he Said yes, and i Thinks it Awesome you dø this and he gave me positiv feedback and told me its sound Pretty great

    but after he asked me ,død you Also choose creative Class december I said yes, hr Said cool I am also there. and we talked About how much we care for creative. and last he say like : it would be interessant to work With it ,and i was like Yeah it sure would be 🙂, and then he didnt write back, it was Late. Is he Maybe interessed in me still?

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