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    Im 27 and shes 46-47, basically she started talking to me earlier this year while i taking my dog for walks, she asks my name etc and the usual small talk etc, she says i dress i dress nice etc, she seemed quite keen etc(she was prob just being freindly tho)

    Fast forward tho a few weeks now and im completely infatuated with her now, i ask for her number to see if she wants to go out sometime and she says yes, after this i pretty much screw up and tell her how i feel too fast, because i havent got a lot of social skills and i only had one girlfriend before this and she asked me out. She didnt seem to be the same afterwards, i can understand a bit now, i prob freaked her out.

    Sometimes when i see her now she can be cold and says hello but does not look at me, but sometimes a couple of days later she talks to like nothing has happened and is quite freindly.

    This makes me think of her constantly for days afterwards, i also think of her a lot in a sexual manner. I need to find a way how i can stop feeling this way because my ideal of her in my head is not the same person as in reality, i realise nothing is gonna happen but i cant stop the way i feel about her.

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    No one got any ideas then? guess i will just try and deal with it like i have with other women in the past, though it will be difficult seeing as i see her every week.

    I know there is the age gap but i don’t really care we are both adults and i always get on better with women in there 40s.

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    Well she invited me to her house cos we friends and i told her i liked her in person and she said she wasnt interested in anyone right now. atleast that is some closure, time to move on :)

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