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    I have this guy that I like and I feel like he is interested too but He seems a little shy. He likes to stare at my lips while I am talking but also while he is talking. Has a girl ever had a guy stare at their lips while the guy is talking? What does this mean?


    Hi KimberlyNickole,

    If you notice that he tends to stare at lips when interacting with everyone else, then he could just be a guy who is generally shy and finds it hard to look a person in the eye as he is talking or interacting with them.

    However, if he is able to look at other people in the eye while interacting with them, and yet, he doesn’t do that with you, he may feel a lot more self-conscious when it comes to you.

    This could mean that he likes you but worries that if he were to maintain eye contact with you, he could get so intimidated that he could say something wrong.

    As a result, he focuses on your lips instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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