Staring as I eat and odd behavior

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    Dear Dating Logic,
    I have been watching most of your videos and I truly enjoy learning about them. At the moment, I am struggling with an issue at work. It’s on a farm and my coworkers and I work closely in a small warehouse. For the whole 4 years at this job, I’ve worked with only older women. A couple months ago, my boss hired a new young man. He is 5 years younger than I am and very very handsome. He was a fireman for many years and currently in the air-force. Since he joined us girls, I can tell he has a liking to me. He gave me his number but only I’m the one that initiates the conversation and invites him places. He rarely does the same for me. He mostly takes pleasure in staring at me and also watching me eat during lunch time which makes me nervous. Why does he do that? I am unsure of how to deal with this odd behavior where it appears he likes me, but then other times ignores me and doesn’t initiate. Also, I am terrible at making eye-contact.


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