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    My bf has been caught looking up local girls on Facebook and Instagram multiple times and I have a hard time not thinking into it and seeing it as him being into other girls. It’s usually the same girls repeatedly there’s about 5 (more that he doesn’t look up as much) of them he will repeatedly go out of his way to search them up and stalk their social media and he isn’t friends or has talked to these girls. There attractive and are usually big breasted or attractive bodies and LOCAL girls in the area. I never cared about porn or famous models but the fact that they live in our city and he shows interest when he’s with me that bothers me. One time we went camping with a group of 20 (half girls) and about a week later I saw he had started looking up these girls on the trip on social media and looking at their feeds too. Is this a sign of him being interested in them? He doesn’t follow them or talk to them just searches them and looks at their photos. When I confronted him he said he was just attracted to them nothing more but it really hurt me and now I feel less confident in myself and am insecure. I don’t want a guy who’s into other girls when he has me it makes me feel like I’m not enough and that he’s not really infatuated and in love with me. Is that a red flag or something all guys in committed relationships do? He’s also dumped me 15 times but always wants me back a month later and I always go back because I love him but in the back of my mind it gives me trust issues of what his real intentions are and how he much he truly loves me. ): it’s making me feel bad about myself like I’m not what he really wants and it’s hard to even be intimate with him now thinking about this so hard

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