Shy guy does he like me or is he not interested?

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    I had a guy approached me at a young adults Ministry event. he walked into the room and passed them all the other women and all the other friends that he could have spoken to and sit down at my table I wasn’t looking my best I could have tried a little bit harder that night I literally left work immediately went straight to the event he walked in sat down at my table and said I noticed you I’ve seen you before are you a member of the church. We’ve spoken grab it and then an older woman standing next to me keeping me company so I didn’t feel so alone for table said now tell me that’s not God. I immediately believed it that he saw something in me and maybe he was the one I’m a hopeless romantic. I was joining the choir and evangelism Ministry and the young adults Ministry getting connected in church and I overheard that his birthday was coming up and wanted to make something or show initiative and he told me he didn’t like me that way in that I came on too strong. I can’t seem to forget that day at the event though does he like me or is he just really shy I see him all the time but he never ever ever speaks to me he never responds to text messages he just kind of ignores me.


    Hi Maggie,

    He may not be all that shy, if at all.

    After all, he was bold enough to approach you at the young Ministry event and sit at your table.

    He may have liked you initially.

    However, his interaction with you that day may have led him to change his mind and decide that you weren’t quite the kind of girl that he would want to date.

    In essence, there may have been something that you said or did during the interaction that turned him off.

    That may be why, since then, he never speaks to you or responds to your text messages.

    You did mention that you are a hopeless romantic.

    Perhaps he prefers someone who is a little bit more mysterious. A person who doesn’t show him too soon just how much she likes him.

    This may be what turned him off.

    It wasn’t made any better when you tried to do something for him for his birthday. He did tell you that he didn’t like you being that way because to him it felt as though you were coming on too strong.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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