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    I think this one girl i had in one of my classes likes me, but she seems shy and would constantly glance at me when i wasn’t looking in her direction among other signs that she may like me. I had only noticed this during the last month of our class since she sat on the other end of the class. As it is with school, the semester ended and now we don’t have any classes together. The only time i now see her is when i pass by her in the hallway, but she doesn’t glance at me anymore. now she just completely avoids looking at me and my direction. I’ve read that this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like me anymore, but could she really just completely change all of the sudden? I caught her glancing at me a couple times, but being in a crowded school hallway it is difficult to tell if it is just coincidence. It’s a shame because i really liked her and wanted to get to know her better. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Anonymous lady friend

    Not to sound too old school but, pass her a note say hello. And just break the ice in a cool way. Become a friend and don’t stay strangers be bold anyway.


    You could casually find a way to talk to her, without trying to be too forward. Maybe say hi in the hallways if you pass her, if you spot her alone at lunch or at the mall, maybe go up to her and say something like ‘hey, aren’t you *instert name?* we had class together last semester didn’t we?’ Then you can strike up a conversation about how boring the class was or something.
    If she is really shy and does indeed like you, chances are she thinks you have no idea who she is, and will be really surprised that you’re talking to her.
    If she doesn’t like you then worst case scenario you might end up avoiding a person you never talked to in the first place. Best case, she likes you back. *shrug*

    Unknown female

    Ok so 2 years ago, I was a shy girl just like that! However, I slowly and gradually completely lost interest. We don’t have classes together anymore but I still avoid looking at him because its awkward and I want to make it look like I’m not interested.


    maybe she doesn’t think you like her back and just gave up?

    Random girl

    I quite had a similar problem
    This boy I don’t know kept locking eyes with me in the bus, though I’d break it before a second was up. It’s not that I have a problem with him, it’s just I avoid who I don’t know in fear something happens I guess

    The girl probably avoids you cuz she don’t know how to act around you

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