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    Two months ago I met a cute girl. She started to make the eye contact with me and it happened repeatedly like a dozen times. She could stare into my eyes for few seconds (like 3-5). Then after a few more encounters with her she started behaving nervously around me e.g. dropping stuff she was holding in hands, preening, walking away from me to come back in a while. Then I felt that I like her and would like to get to know her better. I approached her and told her that she is the cutest girl I have ever met, I told her my name, she smiled and told me hers. Her legs bent in knees, she grabbed a railing that was in front of her and she leaned in my direction. After that I told her she even has a cute name and asked her for her phone number. She seemed astonished, biting her lower lip, and told me she is sorry but she is busy. After our conversation I’ve seen her a couple of times and every time she sees me she makes a weird facial expression (mouth partially open, eyes wide open) and she does not even respond to “Hi”, just stands there petrified. Additionaly recently she started to avoid me when I’m close and stare at me from distance (5-10 sec stare).
    People often have told me I am intelligent, successful, handsome and confident but I take that with a grain of salt. On the other hand she seems shy and looks like she has a low self-esteem.

    Could you please explain me her behaviour?
    Thanks in advance.


    She likes you and are probably wondering if you like her to and why you haven’t make a move yet.

    Don’t think it’s low self-esteem. You make her nervous, because she is attracted to you and she likes you.

    Some women gets tongue-tied when they like a man.

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