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    I met up with a dude for ice cream about an hour ago and think it went well. Earlier this week, I mentioned that he takes a while to respond and that has me off put. It implies that he is not interested and he said that’s not the case, he’s busy. We didn’t talk for a few days and he blocked me but messaged me back after wanting to talk it out. The fact he takes hours to respond gets me annoyed. He met up for ice cream at a place near where I live, we spoke for a good two hours. I find him attractive and he complimented me a few times, he tried to pat me once on the back and he had a firm grip. He mentioned playfully that he wants me to wear my hair curly when we meet up again, he hugged me for a while and was kinda flirty. He said he wants to “date”, I told him I don’t want hookups. The one line that scared me, as a joke, was when he said “I didn’t throw it away cuz I got distracted, I was too busy looking at your booty”. He said that when leaving and not throwing his trash away. He’s been flirty from the beginning and the fact that his lack of response may continue, I don’t know if it’s worth trying to pursue.


    Hi Bridgette,

    Taking a while to respond to your messages at the early stages of getting to know someone is normally not a good sign.

    His lack of motivation when it comes to communication may indicate that he is looking for more of a casual relationship.

    Indeed, making that joke at the end of your ice cream date may have been a true reflection of how he sees this interaction and what he wants.

    Telling you that he didn’t throw away his trash because he was too busy looking at your booty doesn’t really sound like a guy who is interested in getting to know more about you as a person.

    Given his lackluster efforts when it comes to regularly communicating with you, he hadn’t really earned being able to say that.

    Being that you aren’t looking for hookups, this may not be worth trying to pursue. Thereby, it may not be wise to go out with him again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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