she needs to take care of things right now

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    My girl has had A LOT going on in her life(trying to manage 2 jobs as a single divorced mother of a young boy, who’s father[divorced for 2 and a half years now] is slowly fading from his fatherly duties and not helping her as much anymore, trying to get her living situation in order and get her own place rather than staying with a friend and finally her father just had serious heart surgery and is needing to help him), she told me she feels we are going too fast for what she has going on in her life and she needs to get everything in order before letting me into her life and taking things slow with me when that time happens(hopefully it does) And she said she needs time right now by herself for awhile to take care of these things.. She’s also the type that closes out the world when stressed out and depressed, she hardly speaks anymore because of her life around her spinning out of control….. I don’t know what to do but i can’t stop caring and trying to reach out to her….

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