She is looking at me but doesn’t smiles.

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    I’m 18 years old, living in Sweden.
    After summer Hollidays a girl started high school in my school which I went there 1 year before her, in first day I saw her at school I thought that this girl is the right. After two months she started looking at me, I never thought that she be interested at me it was absolutely unexpected.

    Days after days she looking at me more and more, specially when we are waiting for school buss, she stare at my eyes deeply and holds, she plays with her hair and fixing her self with her phoncamera, even I understand that she can take a buss 10 minutes earlier than me and she waits, but she never smiles.
    I’m not sure that if she just likes my outfits or me 😬

    I’m shy + it’s absolutely not normal in Sweden that you say “Hi” to someone you don’t know.
    By the way she is very beautiful.

    I will be very glad if you answers me.


    Hi Kanishka,

    She may be looking at you but not smiling because she doesn’t want to make it obvious that she likes you.

    If you have noticed that she keeps on staring at you, she may be hoping that you get the message and approach her.

    She is most likely not going to approach you.

    Even though you stated that it is absolutely not normal to say hi to someone that you don’t know in Sweden, remember that you still go to the same school as her.

    Thereby, you aren’t a total stranger.

    You are both schoolmates.

    You could approach her and start a topic that is related to school.

    Using a topic that relates to school will help to make your approach more natural and less awkward.

    The sooner you do this, the better of an idea you will get on whether she is truly interested in you or not.

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