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    Ok so im not really sure how to start this off but ill try my best. So their is this guy an i have a huge crush on him an i havent even really talked to him..ik that sounds bad or stupid cause how can i have a crush on a guy i havent even talked to. Well i see him quite often sometimes an when i do i always see him stare at me but whenever i do look at him he always looks away??.. an i mean almost every single time i see him he always tries sneakin a peak well anyways he has a gf.. i just want to know why he is always staring at me? Idk if this is relevant but i dont think he just wants me for my body cause i havent seen him check out my body whenever i seen him look at me its always my face. Anyways back to the point what i wanna know is why does he always stare? And how can i move on from this guy? Because although i like him a lot he has a gf an im not trying to wreck what they have.


    He probably does like you. If he keeps looking at you then you obviously have his attention, right?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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