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    Hi my name is Kimberly and I am here because i am in a strange situation.

    Last march I went to visit a the school where I am at right now, that day i noticed someone staring at me. In september college started and there he was. Since September he is staring at me with all his classmates, walking by my class and staring in my eyes, always being and walking around me in slowmotion.

    At first I looked back and I liked him but that changed when one day I was by myself studing and he and his classmates came along. They stayed at a distance but when I did not look at them, all 20 started to hit a plank for attention. Another day he walked by me, went across the room stared at me and when he saw that I was leaving to go to my class, he started walking ass well. When I came in the hallway of my class, he was standing next to my classroom door eventho his classroom is two classrooms furthere. From that moment on I did not gave him a lot of attention, in November I got so irritated with him and his friends that I totally ignored them. When I did that, he was eardropinh my conversations, went to my test view sat across from me and kept looking secretly and finally he started asking questions about a test to my classmate when she was next to me ( he only talks to her when I am there as well).

    After that we had a test week and I got sick so we did not really saw eachother. One day in these weeks I was standing near a coffee machine with some classmates and he was at a distance, he kept staring and finally came to the coffee machine. One hour later I had a conversation with a teacher and he had a break, they saw me walking in the room, but I had to wait in the hallway, when I came out I saw that they were stading next to the door, I almost bumped into him. I went sitting on a chair and they walked around me in slowmotion kept staring. Then they were stading 4/5 meters away from me and again kept staring. Also his friend always comes to my classroom window and looks inside on till I look back at him. One day my hair was straightend and they did not reconize me, he almost put his head a

    All of this attention seeking, but he has a girlfriend.

    Why on earth would a person who is in a relationship seeking attention from me for months but never making a move or staring a real conversation ???


    Hi Kimberly,

    Even though he has a girlfriend, he may have sought attention from you for months because he wanted to see whether you would respond to all the staring and following.

    There are some people who still want to know that they can attract someone else even when they are already in a relationship.

    In your particular case, he may have found you so attractive that he just wanted to see whether he could get your attention.

    He never made a move to start a real conversation with you because he never wanted things to get that far.

    That would have been a bridge too far for even this guy. In other words, he may not be willing to risk losing his current relationship with his girlfriend.

    He most likely just wanted to get your attention so as to experience an ego boost in knowing that such an attractive girl has noticed him.

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