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    I broke up with my ex recently cause she was being distant. After the break she blocked me on snapchat. Today I try starting a normal conversation with her. I said “hey ex, do you miss me”. She then say that she is trying to move on. Later I try to have a conversation, and she doesn’t and said I assume she wants a conversation. I told her that I know she wants a conversation and let’s talk. She ignores my text. I think I screwed up by being overly confident and my joke got out of hand. Will she unblock me if I go no contact? And how can i stop her from moving on while blocked? Please I really want her back.


    You broke up with her when she was being distant ?!?!? She was probably losing interest and being distant as a result so leaving her didn’t make her miss you since she was already losing interest. By she’s trying to move on she probably means that she’s seeing other guys… Guys who are there and come running when she texts them in the middle of the night for some company. She doesn’t know that you would do the same. I don’t think that you can damage control this one. Though I may be wrong XD


    I was going to say something very similar to LUL’s reply. She’s loosing interest if she’s distancing herself from you. Perhaps she dosent want to talk because the more you message, the more it makes her feel guilty for trying to leave. Maybe you should give her a lot of space, one day she might unblock you and you could try and start again. Could be a very small potential but don’t count on that one. I’m sure by then you will move on and find zomeone else who even better, trust me on that one.


    Most guys will always chase a girl after a break up, and that actually pushes them away futher. If you want her back you have to stop contacting her and let her miss you. It actually drives woman crazy when you act like you don’t need her anymore. She will reach out to you in the future if you hault all contact with her.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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