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    I recently met a guy and we are dating online. When I first talk to him at online dating site he said,he is in Toronto for business trip but he is from Florida.I tried to asked him to meet me personally so that it would be easy for us to continue our communication but he said he can’t because he said he is in the business trip and it would be sounds crazy to tell his boss he will meet someone he met online which I understand.We continue our communication through chatting,We start to get to know each other,He sent me a couple of pictures.I asked him if we could do video calling while we are chatting because that’s the only way we could see each other but he said he doesnt want and prefer writting.I ask him if we could talk in the phone and said yes but I only hear his voice once.I tried to understand him because he said he hates internet things,(he said he is 47y/o).I have a doubt that he might not be real so i asked him to send me pic of him while in the gym and he sent me one.His birthday is coming and he is asking me to buy him a gift,he said he saw a wristwatch online $250 and he wants me to give it as a gift.I refused because I told him I cannot afford,he said he is unhappy and said I am just proving I am selfish.I told him I am not but I just want us to meet personally,I told him I am starting saving money to buy ticket to visit him in Oct.because I dont want to ask anything from him.Now he doesnt want to talk to me.Now I am asking “He is Real or Not Real”.One side of me said he could be a scammer but in other side of me He could be real and just testing me.I am so confuse, I like things to work it out between us,I dont know what to think right now.Pls.give me some insight.


    I’d be extremely Leary of it all! Asking you to buy him a $250 watch and you haven’t even met in Person and won’t talk via video chat etc,it just may be a scam. My first online dating experience was a scam so I’m highly suspicious. I’d like to hope I’m wrong but please be careful!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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