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    So I’m 51/female broke up with my guy (he was the dumper) about 1.5 years ago. We were together for about 2.5 years,I had a terrible time with the break up so I moved several states away in hopes of starting a new life, which I did. I got a random text from him about 3 months ago, we chatted a bit, friendly but guarded. And then again this week he sent me something funny, we chatted for quite awhile, he told me he is hoping to become friends and create a way to “be in each other’s lives, even in a small way”. It kind of made me confused,I have successfully moved on, not very interested in a new committed relationship as yet, I’m very busy with work, I’ve gone back to school and I am enjoying my single life. He is in another relationship, I’m happy for him, I was glad to hear from him but unsure of his true intentions, so here I am. Any thoughts?

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