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    Hello !
    I would like your help.
    I have a girlfriend now for 4-months, we are doing great, we love each other, care for each other and are making plans for our future together. We are not living together (although i’ve love to, but she says its to fast for her, because she had to leave everything behind her and come to my place, but she will also in the future) so we are seeing each other 3-5 days/week.
    But last month, because we were on vacation we were together the whole time. And for me it was perfect, so it made a click in my brains and now i want to be together every day …
    Because i have my own business from my home and she is employed in an company in another city (where she lives) she said to me its too much for her at this time. That she need a litle more space, like we had before for 3 months. She saids its nothing to worry about, theres not another guy, theres not that she loves me less, but just that she also need time for herself (for example to clean her apartment, to meet with her family and friends etc.) so we would obviously see us again 3-5 days/week. I know its still much, but oh man, i miss her so much! I’m thinking about her all the time. I know i should work more on my stuff so i dont have the time to miss her all the time, but ist so hard, that i just cant… I know that all couple need time and space, specialy to balance with the attraction and missing, so i will do so, because i wont drop out like i’m needy or something and because i would like to keep her and make her happy.
    But please can you give me some advice how to control my emotions and how not to miss her so much every second. I would be really happy, if you would respond to my problem.
    Wish you all the best! Bye 😉

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