Proposed a guy and got rejected. Now he avoids me and is rude

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    I proposed to my crush because I thought maybe I had a chance with him. I took his friendly greetings as a sign for him liking me. But I was wrong. He rejected me politely though. But offlate he has started avoiding me and gives rude replies at times does not even reply back.His behavior certainly expresses that he does not value me as a person. His rejection never hurt because I thought that was his choice. But his all of a sudden bad behavior of disrespecting me as a person just makes me feel worthless. What do I do I hate myself for confessing and I hate him for being rude to me when I didn’t mean anything wrong. He could have directly told me to not contact him but he indirectly puts me off ignore and disses which is very hurting.Anyways I don’t have a plan of contacting him ever again but just wanted to share because I was hurt.

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