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    I have been noticing that a guy who works in the same building as me stares at me everytime I see him but he usually never talks. I also noticed that whenever I go into his office he seems to appear near to me and asks if he can help and I take the opportunity to form light convo. Of recent maybe within the last month I used one of the opportunities to ask for his number and he seemed happy and responsive to provide it. As he didn’t have my number I messaged him and we chatted about nothing for a bit and I would say I initated the texting over a 3 day period. However I noticed he only responds when I text but never initiated so I stopped texting. It’s been about 2weeks since the last text. When I see him outside the office he is usually with 2 of his friends and he would as usual stare at me and ask how I’m doing but I am jus confused because I feel like I’ve set up everything that would allow him to pursue but I feel like he’s jus not interested but why does he keep talking to me in person and staring but never initiates texting?

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