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    Hi! I watch your videos on Youtube and I appreciate you sharing your insights on male behavior. I’d like to know your thoughts on my situation at work. He is an Executive (about 25 yrs older than me). When he first started he ignored me in the hallways pretty blatantly. When we were formally introduced he started acting way more interested in me…he offered to be my mentor, invited me out for dinner, even offered me a job. I declined the job because it wasn’t the right time but told him I’d still like him to be my mentor…I’m always very friendly when we speak. Recently, I tried to reintroduce our conversation about a job and he turned me down. He said things like “you thought you could come in here and cry on my shoulder” and made lots of jokes about me being a millennial (which he did not do before). I brushed it off. Now almost everytime we interact he makes a comment about me being conceited or feeling myself (mind you this man is 50 and I am 25). We were at a work function and he had been drinking and he proceeded to bash me for not being “grown” and teased that I should work for him. He then invited me to join him and a group for drinks. This all happened in front of one of my close work friends. I later find out from my work friend that this man told him I need to not feel myself so much. This is all very weird to me because he is so much older and at a much higher level than me at work, so he has nothing to gain from the passive aggressive digs. What is going on?

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