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    So there’s this woman I like at the job. She’s talkative with everyone else, a hey, whats up, hey (x), etc. She’ll have a conversation with them. But when I say Hey Lauren, its mainly a “Hello” or “Hellooo”. She knows my name but doesnt call me by it at all when she sees me. Im always the one that greets her first, never her. Sometimes she’ll walk by and smile, or a smile and wave. Other times, no smile and just a wave, or just stares, no hi or wave. At times She’ll walk past me looking and won’t acknowledge me. Then later she’ll walk by and smile. It’s a bit confusing. The other day she was walking past my aisle about 50ft away from me and looked at me as she walked by, no hi, no wave. Later on she walked by again but in a different direction, 8ft away from me. She looked, didn’t say hi or smile.

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