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    Hi. I’m really heavy and I work with this guy and I love talking to him and he is really nice and then he is really rude. He use to be really nice and I tried showing him I liked him and he didn’t like it so I backed off and just wanted to be friendly. but now he will be really nice and we are laughing then he will say something rude. He’ll recommend a move and I say I saw it by myself and he says how sad your sad. He is always taking pictures or video taping me and then telling coworkers look she has such an attitude. I just wanted to at least be friends with him, cuz he is funny. Maybe he just doesn’t like fat girls? Or is he rude because he wants to make sure I dont like him?


    I think he’s trying to make it clear to you that he doesn’t like you more than a friend because you attempted to show him the signs earlier on and he doesn’t have those types of feelings towards you.

    It concerns me alittle how he presents the mean part. He’s not being very sincere and he takes it alittle far video taping saying you have an ‘attitude’. I advise you to be very careful with him.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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