My "perfect girl" is seeing another guy, will I regret not trying to go for her?

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    Matt Bobby

    There is this girl, who is now a part of my senior class in college, and she is just heavenly. I guess I am “picky”, but I’ve always had the “perfect woman” idea in my mind like most, which is very specific and highly unlikely, and this girl is it. Shes so wonderful and she’s the most beautiful person I’ve seen in my eyes. There isnt anything more that I want than to learn more about her personally, rather than being just colleagues, and talking occasionally as we are in almost all of the same classes for the remainder of the senior year. The problem seems to be that she is currently seeing someone (as far as I can tell), and I respect her enough to not tell her about how I truly feel, if she doesn’t know already. Its bro code to not interfere and cause drama with an existing relationship, but she isnt just some girl and im afraid if I dont attempt it by May, I will regret it for a very long time. I have been holding my chips for 23 years waiting for “the” hand, should I fold, or go all in?


    I think you need to judge it based on how long she has been with her boyfriend. In some cases she may be very committed to him if she’s been with him a very long time. I would start with just getting to be friends with her firstly, then “really” get to know her as a person, cause she will tell you more about herself on a deeper level and then you can still decide if she’s so perfect.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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