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    I dated my ex for a year and we broke up about 3.5 months ago. After a period of no contact during which she unfollowed me on Instagram and I did the same, we slowly started talking again. I fucked up bad so the process was slow but eventually we met up and exchanged clothes. We talked for 15 mins and left but it was a positive interaction. This was two weeks ago.

    After a few text exchanges back and forth, I asked her out for drinks while telling her I had changed. She declined and said that she didn’t think it would be a good idea if we got back together. I accepted it and implied we shouldnt be friends then bc I’m still in love with her. She said that she couldn’t offer anything more than friendship. I then told her it would be best not to communicate for now and to take care. This was a week ago. We haven’t talked since then.

    Yesterday I retweeted something on twitter saying “don’t lose what you can’t replace”. Coincidentally or not (depending on if she saw the retweet), a few hours later I got a notification on twitter saying she had liked my pic. She doesn’t follow me which means that she was lurking on profile. I’m confused by her intentions. A week ago she denied by advances but yesterday she made a conscious decision to like my pic from 2 months ago knowing that I would see it and know she was lurking. Why did she do this- is she second-guessing her decision or feeling guilty about hurting me? What should I do?


    I personally think from that action doesn’t 100% tell the whole story.
    She made it clear to you early on how she doesn’t want to have more than a friendship with you.
    The only way you will know for sure is to talk to her about it and get her response. If you assume what she feels like, you will never know her honest feelings and may have the wrong idea.

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