My ex contacted me after 13 years of no contact what does this mean?

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    When I was 17 I was in a relationship with a guy for about a year we had great chemistry and the things he did for me were out of this world I met him at a low point in my life I wasn’t looking for anything and bam there he was he pulled me out of a black hole and aparently he wasn’t looking for anything either so we pulled eachother out of a black hole we were always open with everything he had been in a long term relationship about a year previous to me as he was 7 yrs older she hurt him bad so he used to say ‘I don’t know if I will ever tell you I love you but I do know I need you’re broke up on great terms he had a friend who he had a thing for for quite sometime and it always seemed when he was available she wasn’t and vice versa. He didn’t want to have any regrets so I let him go but told him if it doesn’t work out give me a call he contacted me about a month or so after we broke up I wasn’t home and didn’t receive the call and it was a few weeks after that I realized he called me but he was seeing the other girl so I didn’t contact him back.I think about him all the time still talk to some of his family ocassionally maybe a couple times a year since we seperated. I sent him a friend request a few weeks ago and he never accepted it so I let it go. I actually had a moment of weakness accompanied with alcohol 2 days ago and sent a message to his sister.then yesterday he sent me a message on FB messenger completely out of the blue I thought maybe he had talked to his sister but he hadn’t.she hadn’t told him anything. It was small talk how are you talked about our kids a little bit I made a joke about his vehicle choice he was obsessed with a specific vehicle brand when we were younger and had bought something different he read the message but hasn’t messaged me since.Did I maybe scare him off or what I’m so confused. Maybe I’m reading into it to much but who does that just messaged someone randomly like that.I would love to keep talking to him. It’s weird when we split I was heart broken but I wasn’t. Complete basket case because deep down I felt that this wasn’t it one day I’m not sure when I’d be with him again. I’m so confused I have really lost slot of confidence and self worth and in the process of a separation with my husband( he’s unfaithful and not a nice person and treats our children terribly)my now husband was the result of my after 17yr old love and I ended up pregnant. I’m so confused please help

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