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    Hi. So this guy has been looking into my eyes and staring at my face whenever we saw each other in the hall for a year now.
    Giving me some flirty stares, turning back to look at me, sometimes smiling from far away, but always looking at me.

    I don’t think I gave him signals other than staring back and being around more, but not in a too obvious way.

    We don’t talk at all.

    Recently my friend found out he had a girlfriend. He was single until recently.

    And that’d be perfectly fine but he still literally looks at my face whenever I am around then looks away, example whenever I enter a room he is the first to look at me as if I called him. That kind of look.

    He also looks like he knows something is up and I could possibly like him..

    What is his deal?

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    Hi Katarina,

    He may have started staring at you because he was attracted to you.

    He would give you those flirty stares hoping that you would do the same or give him some kind of cue that you were attracted to him as well.

    He was probably hoping to get that cue so that he could start trying to talk to you.

    However, besides staring back at him in a not so obvious way, he really didn’t get any definitive signs from you that you were also attracted to him.

    Being that the both of you most likely have no mutual friends, he was also unable to get any clues from outside sources that you may like him.

    As a result, he may have chosen to just go ahead and talk to someone else. After all, he had already been at this for a year.

    That person is who has now become his girlfriend recently.

    However, he still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he was unable to pursue a possible romance with you as a result of never having received any definitive cues of interest from you.

    This is why he continues to look at you whenever you are around.

    Though now, he is looking away.

    He may be doing that because of a sense of guilt that he is now in a relationship with someone and perhaps shouldn’t be so obvious in showing that he is still attracted to you.

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    Hi Luke,
    thank you so much for your reply!
    You made my days in this depressing quarantine period!

    As you might have guessed, we are in high school, senior year.
    As I said I was getting quite a bit of signs from him. Getting quiet around me, his friends laughing and teasing him (subtly), and turning back to see me. But since he has a girlfriend there isn’t anything to do…
    I should get over it, since I was unable to initiate anything that would develop into something more than barely knowing each other.. I guess this was a hard lesson, since I like him a lot.

    His friend from class though coyly smiled at me once from a far while locking eyes, is trying to be near me and can’t help but smile when I am around. Used to tease my crush around me too. You guessed it, I don’t talk to him either! LOL but recently I followed him on Instagram (he accepted) but didn’t follow back… I guess he is just overthinking situation. But yeah I kind of like him so hopefully, if he does like me he will return the follow, and I will get over my current crush who obviously isn’t available.

    Thank you so much for the help again, for clarifying the situation, when someone is in love they can’t think clearly, especially girls…

    Much love and health <3

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    You are welcome Katarina,

    It may not be entirely hopeless. His current relationship with his girlfriend may or may not last. However, it is always good to learn from your experiences and move forward the wiser.

    All the best.

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