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    Hello, So i have a crush on a girl for a year now. I tried to talk to her through whatsapp but she said she doesn’t know me and stuff i tried to talk to her more but our conversation end up me being stupid and awkward, and one time i tried to start a conversation by sending a text by mistake but it wasn’t actually a mistake she got angry at me and said that i should know she’s not interested by ignoring my texts and she kinda forced me to admit that i love her, i ended up angry and admitted my feelings for her so i asked her to block me since she’s not interested, few months later i asked her to unblock in her instagram account and she really unblocked me i apologized to her and she apologized back i still start conversations with her but this time it’s better she even replay fast and knows who really am and how i look so when the college started she look at me a LOT she seems interested in me but one day she came to my friend when i was with him and asked him about the exam’s answers we took even though my friend never talked to her and they only know each other’s name from the people around and when my friend said that he doesn’t remember she asked me the same question and then she asked another question to my friend and i answered to her instead she always come and ask my friends instead of me now i know she feels the same but i want her to admit her feelings for me , i’m very open about my feelings for her, how can i let her express her feelings? and why does she talk to my friends instead?

    Thank you .

    PS: asking her out is not a thing in our culture so i’m not allowed to

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