My crush is very confusing does he like me or is it in my head?

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    Me and my crush used to be really close he would tell me about his family, he would appear out of nowhere and walk with also, he would show off about his necklace and stuff. We would make eye contact and that but, we got distant alot. This year he’s in my class and I developed these feelings again yesterday he sat on the oppositeside of me and our group of friends were playing around. I caught him staring at me and it was for a long he wouldn’t even blink I tried to look at him but I WAS TO SHY. Then I had the courage to say to him who do you like and he pointed at me for a few seconds and he seemed nervous and quickly saying I already have a girlfriend. ‘IMAGINERY GIRLFRIEND’ he said which was very weird since he seemd flustered. Now today he wouldn’t even talk to me but, he would look at me sometimes. He also calls me an idiot and stupidwith his friends but, jokingly. This morning our bags got tied together with my two other friends and, we pointed at him then him and friends started to mimick me and my other friend but he was always looking at me.

    This other guy he is younger than me and is one of my friends. I sat next to him and he seemed nervous he moved closer and always kept glancing at me and asking me random questions like he was trying to get my attention ,but I’m not intrested in him.

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