my boyfriend smoked weed behind my back for a year and lied about it.

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    We have been dating for over 2 years now and i could really say he is my soulmate. I know for a fact that he is a good boyfriend for example he doesn’t speak to girls just for fun or anything and doesn’t go out with his friends often and if he does you know he is behaving himself. We started dating 10-07-2015 i can remember I saw messages on his phone with a friend saying ”lets smoke some” or ”what time you wanna smoke?” all these messages saying he was getting high and when i confronted him about it he said that its a joke and i believed him even though i got super mad. He promised me that he never had smoked weed since our relationship and that he didn’t when he sent those messages. The last message sent about weed in his phone was round august 2016. We went on holiday together to Tenerife and it was amazing. We went on the plane back home and i saw in his phone that he said to a friend that he was stoned and he ordered dominos so i got so pissed and he messaged his friend with ”i haven’t smoked weed for nearly a year now” and his friend (who smoked with him) replied with ”oh nice man!” and i fell for everything….

    Now its a year later and he told me he did smoke weed for a year with the following reasons:
    -he kept thinking about me doing bad things such as cheating on him
    -he had problems with his ear and smoking weed made it go away
    -he couldn’t sleep well and this helpt him

    He told me that he stopped before we went on holiday to tenerife and hasn’t done it since. So thats a year now that he hasn’t smoked weed. Also when he did smoke he did it once a month and on his own mostly or with 1 friend.

    Now i feel like a total idiot because i started smoking weed with him for a month now sometimes because i wanted to know what it was like and i trusted the fact that he hasn’t done it since we met.

    I just don’t know whether to break up with him. He has lied before about other things and every memory i have with him seems different because he smoked weed behind my back and i didn’t know about it FOR A YEAR.

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