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    We were together for 4 years and he broke up with me unexpectedly and said he didn’t love me anymore even though the week before he poured his heart out to me. We didn’t speak for 3 months even though we go to the same school but a lot of rumors were spreading so we decided to clear things up. We then decided to stay on talking terms. One night he messaged me telling me how confused he is about everything and he doesn’t know whether to hold on or move on. We both established that there’s lots of love for each other but we won’t date rn because I’m also going to university but we do want it to work out somehow someday but we’ll just go with the flow. We then sexted and talked for a week but we established we weren’t going to actually hook up. He even said I love you once. The last time we spoke it got really heated and it seemed like we might hook up soon but not for sure. After that he became slightly distant but he was normalish. I texted him after a week and he was kind of standoffish so I asked if we could have a conversation and he said no he doesn’t want to and I asked him if everything was the same and he said “I guess” but I didn’t push it. Next day we were at a party and we spoke a bit but he made lots of salty jokes and I got really drunk and had a meltdown about everything going wrong in my life rn including him. He saw it and got annoyed and thought I was talking to everyone about our relationship but I wasnr only upset with him I was upset about lots of things.i only mentioned him when his friends came up to me and started comforting me because they presumed it was only abouy him bit even then I was vague and didn’t go into details of our relationship.He got annoyed and told them he wanted to be friends but now he needs space and he told his friends he stopped talking to me because I wanted to hook up with him? I found this out through someone else later that night and was shocked because those conversations were supposed to be between us and he initiated the sexting and said so much to me and we had borh said we wouldn’t actually do anything. Hearing how he had broken my trust and twisted this made me so angry and it’s been a few days but I haven’t said anything and I don’t know if I should confront him. It’s a really messy situation and I really love him but I don’t know what’s going on or why he’s so bipolar and I have no idea what to do. Our mutual friends explained to him I wasn’t only upset about him but he was really angry and I don’t know if that messed up things even though he knew how drunk I was. He’s made some conversation with me since then but we had gotten really close again and now there’s distance.

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