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    So I’ve been in love with this guy for about four years now. We first met at work. He was a new employee at the time and I didn’t have feelings yet but I was drawn to him. We started talking about a week later and I started to like him but I wasn’t sure of my feelings yet because at the time I was engaged. So, it got to the point where we both got really close during the two years we worked together and we had both confessed our feelings for each other. But I was engaged. I didn’t love my fiance anymore. So I finally ended it. The guy I liked asked me out the day after I ended it and I told him no because it was too soon and it would look bad. He was upset for a but. But I actually had gotten back with my ex a week later because my ex tormented me and I felt like shit. Thus hurt the other guys feelings. So when I finally ended it once and for all with my ex, I asked the other guy out and he told me no. Well, he started acting cold towards me and we started arguing and he said something hurtful to me after my birthday that made us stop talking for a year. This past September, I started talking to him again and we got kinda close pretty fast. In November, he started coming to my work and coming to my place to hang out. We got physically and beyond emotionally connected, not involving sex, and he went from being all about me to being cold and distant to me again. We’re talking about the guy who remembers my birthday and my exes names and all of these small details guys usually don’t pay attention to. So why is he all of a sudden acting distant and making excuses as to why we can’t date?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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