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    I have been talking to this guy for a total of two months, we met on a dating app and have gone on one date since then. At the very beginning he was eager– calling, texting, you name it frequently and now after meeting we still talk and sometimes he does send me a good morning text but that stopped a few days ago. I know he’s busy, we both are. I’m in school and he has work and his own life, which is understandable. I’m a pretty sensitive person who overthinks and analyzes everything that hallens (it’s abcurse), and I’ve been overthinking quite a bit with him. …. I asked if he saw a potential relationship and he said he would rather be friends first and move on from here. I’ve told him that I’m not into doing anything sexual being we are both virgins and he agrees that we won’t until we are in a relationship. He seems genuine but I’m not so sure. These days I have to initiate the conversations but he doesn’t take long to reply. We have flowing conversations, he sends me pictures and whatnot which is cool. Do you think he’s lost interest? Or is losing interest? I have asked to hangout and it’s like he never acknowledges my question although he says we can. Advice?

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