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    onarres rasco

    So there is this male coworker that I work with and I’m pretty sure he likes me, but something is holding him back from asking me out or asking for my #….I think it might be that we have a little bit of an age gap between us, but I’m not too sure.
    I think he is into, here are somethings that he does:

    1. is always bringing me little gifts (earphones, hand sanitizer, etc) although I never ask for it or mention it; I’m a college student and when he goes to different job fairs as part of work, he always brings me back informational packets about jobs/school stuff

    2. he is always helping me out or dropping everything to help me (i.e. took over a call from a rude customer that was yelling at me although that isn’t what his job is)

    3. he asks me personal questions (i.e I applied for a prestigious internship and he is always bringing it up), about my family, what i like to do outside work, etc and is really interested in what I have to say

    4. he always teases me, mimics/imitates me, trying to make me laugh but he doesn’t do this with the other female workers (We also banter alot with each other)

    5. he is always coming by my desk (unnecessarily), standing close to me, or standing behind me

    6. He invites me to different group outings the work environment

    7. He winks at me and holds prolonged eye contact even after I catch him staring at me

    8. He has called me “hun” and “honey” a few times and seemed nervous doing it (and i noticed he has never done this to any other ladies)

    9. He asks about my weekend/future weekend plans

    10. He gave me two nice dresses two weeks after meeting me for no apparent reason

    11. he remembers EVERYTHING that i tell him, stuff that I don’t even remember saying

    12. once in awhile, we will have a day where we don’t talk at all( for no apparent reason), but there’s so much tension between us and he gives me glances here and there and other coworkers will come up and ask if he is okay

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