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    -We like each other we used to talk then she started avoiding me when we pass each other she woul walk really fast and look down or pretend to talk to someone else but every now and then she stares at me from a distance, what should I do


    When you say you like each other what are you basing this on?
    Did you both confess feelings to each other?
    Or were you simply friends?
    In either case it seems like she is shy
    My guess is that she has feelings for you but does not want to be the initiator of a relationship
    She wants you to decide if you want to pursue her or not
    As a result she gets all flustered around you and attempts to distract herself from her feelings by walking fast or talking to someone else
    She wants you to chase her

    If you are interested in her you have to find a way to ask her out on a date. Being as she is very shy, she may become even more shy if you directly approach her and start a conversation.
    You said you used to talk before so maybe not.
    But based on her current behavior I think you should employ a more subtle method to ask her out.
    Maybe text her if you have her number?

    Again this is what it seems like to me.
    I’m not a mind reader.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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