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    I need your advice..
    Soo, i met this guy one year ago, that time i had a boyfriend( dont have him anymore) but i had a long distance relationship with him as well.
    So i met this Finish guy, in a winter resort, he is older then me,im 27, he is probable 39 we went out for a drinks, had a really nice time together,i was feeling that he likes me, but unfortunately, he had to leave, he was going back to His country Finland. We were texting for a few days, after he left, but when i felt, that he doesnt really wanna talk i stopped texting and he stopped as well.
    Soo,one year passed, and suddnly i decided to text him. I texted him and he texted me back. He is a sailor man, so now he is in Spain.
    So for a few weeks,we had a nice conversations, talking about different things, he asked me if i still have a BF!
    He even said, that he is tired of his job and ready to ahve a family and live a normal life.
    He told me, that that time he stopped texting because he had some personal problmes,plus i had a BF and he didnt want to hurt me, because he didnt know if it will go anywhere!
    Soo! We decide to meet each other, i was planing to take vacation and go to Spain to meet him, i even told him the dates, and in the begining he was also planing to take vacation.. but suddenly he told me
    That he has a very hard time in his job,he is very frustrated and wants to leave, but he cant.. and told me that he ia not ready for me to go there, because he dont know if he will be in Spain at that time.
    So i was very upset.. i texted him- “that i think that the main reason is not a job, i think that u r not ready and scared for me to come there, because i showed up in ur life suddenly and i think everything waht is going right noe is too much for u”- something like that..
    And he answered that yes, he is scared, but he didnt say thag he is scared of me, he was talking again about work.
    And i felt, that his messages were not the same as before.. he was not replying quickly as before, messages was shorter.. so tottaly different !! 🙁
    And btw, before it happend, we spoke over the phone, for the first time..
    i also thought maybe i said something wrong on the phone.

    And the last message i sent to him, i asked if anything happened,because he changed and i dont know why!
    But he didnt reply me back!
    I dont know, what heppend ..
    Why he suddenly changed! 🙁
    I will not text him,if he wont answer me, just want to know ur opinion! 🙁

    Sorry its a very long story.. hope u will ready and understand what i wrote.. sorry for my english as well, its not so good!

    Thank u in adavnce


    if I were you I would take a deep breath prepare yourself and plan 1 more phone call. determine what you will say if he answers, what you will say if a or b scenarios occur. also pre your sel for if he doesn’t answer. choose a time of the day and a date you know he should be available. think of it as your only chance bc it could very well be.

    Please tell me what u thik about my post below yours. its about a guy I went to school with. we never actually spoke bc im too shy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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